Jan 16, 2011

Recycled Valentine's Day Wreaths

A great way to use that left over Christmas garland!

Felt is back!! Use red and white scraps cut into squares, threaded onto a wire frame to create!

You can use silk, live, or dried flowers for this wreath.
TS Tip: Use that beautiful Valentine's arrangement to create this wreath and use it next year!

Tied fabric scraps are beautiful in the wreath!

What a great use for those old cards you can't quite seem to throw away!
Cut into hearts and glue!
TS Tip: This makes a great kids project!

Frayed as never been so elegant!
Roll scraps of fabric, fray the edges, and glue!
TS Tip: Hot glue works better than craft glue for all those edges!


  1. I love the heart shaped, dried flower wreath! I want to make it this week. What do I use to attach the flowers to? I can't seem to find wreaths that are closed in the center. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. You can buy squares of foam and cut it to the shape you want or some stores have heart shaped wreaths and you can add foam to the center. It doesn't have to fit perfectly and the best thing I know to use to attach it is hot glue. Hope this helps!