Jan 17, 2011

Valentine's On A Budget ~ Tip 2 of 5

We all know the floral prices go overboard around Valentine's Day. While red roses are traditional, they are also very pricey during the holiday! Why not give something a little different? Here are some flowers that have the same meaning as roses, but a much cheaper price tag!  Some are elegant, some are playful, and some have amazing scents, but they are all beautiful and sure to make you smile!
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Carnations: Not everything red on Valentine's Day is expensive! Carnations are beautiful in these arrangements!



                                           Honeysuckle (Coral): I Love You 

        Orange Blossom: Eternal Love, Innocence, Marriage        

                                Tulip (Red): Declaration of love, Believe me

                                         Aster: Symbolizing love, Delicacy

                                         Aster: Symbolizing love, Delicacy

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