Mar 13, 2012

Built In Storage

Open Shelves are great because they are functional and add great detail to a room

If only the household space issues were solved as quickly as we can fall in love with a picture. You can organize all day long, but if you have no where to put the baskets, folders, ect. the house will still be cluttered.

I love the nooks in this bathroom. However, there is nothing in my bathroom that need "storing" that is this attractive. I am sure I could find something to fill them with.

This is a beautiful space!  The storage under the seats would be wonderful in a mud room setting. You could also use the ottoman and corner built it.

This is perfect for a kid's room! Everything in it's place and all that. I really like the clear front on some of the bins.

This is one of my favorites! Shelves and bins under the stairs are common but I love the shelves on the wall behind!

This is an awesome idea for small spaces! Its a great way to separate space and gain storage space, which is limited in even the largest apartments

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