Mar 11, 2012

DIY Easter Crafts

 DIY Easter Crafts

I love DIY projects! I love them so much that I'm usually working on ten at a time and never really finish any of them. I thought theses were some good ideas because they are quick projects!
Have Fun!



Carrot Door Hanger
This is something that I would have never thought of, but I do think its a really neat idea.  You can use felt for the carrots and either a live plant or "sprigs" for the tops


Egg Planters
I love this idea!

This is one of my favorites! I love mixing live plants into anything. This could very easily be used as a center piece for Easter day. If you are going to use live plants be sure to keep them in the original pots (hid the pot with moss) so you can plant them later!


I love these! They are so easy, just use stickers! The eggs in the top were made using Martha Stewart Glitter Stickers but you can use any. To make the eggs in this picture you dye the egg and let dry then add the  stickers.

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