Mar 11, 2012

Easter Decorating

There is something about Easter decor that makes a person smile. Maybe its the bunny and egg mixture ( will someone please explain how they go together??) or the pastels and first hints of spring.  Regardless of what it is, I love decorating for this holiday!

Easter Tree

I love these! You can glue on tissue paper grass or use stickers!

Use dyed eggs instead of plastic for the matte finish

Easter Topiary

 I would use Styrofoam eggs to make it easier to string. I love the uneven texture and you lose that if you use netting or wire to hold the eggs together.

I love this as a party favor! Hang in on the back of each chair and you are set! It would also be a great place to tuck in seating cards!

This is so pretty and delicate

This makes me smile!

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