Mar 30, 2012

Hall Way Decor

We stopped by to check on our new house today and I suddenly realized that I have a lot more hall space than I had originally thought! I spent the day searching for ideas and these are a few of my favorites. This is a work in progress and so I am sure  there will be many more pictures to come!

I love the texture of this wall. If you look close, not all of the pictures are framed traditionally, in fact, some aren't framed at all. 

I love the mirror and the table!

While I generally do not like straight lines and minimalist decorating, there is something about this hallway that is really attractive to me. I do like the three smaller rugs in place of a runner.

Love this! If I could find this wallpaper this is what my hallway would be done it at this point. It is fun without being childish.

I really like the rectangle frames and vintage pictures.

More stripes! I also love the window above the door.

Is is just me or is wallpaper making a comeback?

My hallway unfortunately isn't big enough for this but a girl can dream. This is so cozy!

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