Aug 6, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Cut Your Re-Do Budget

 1. Use inexpensive paint! 
There, I said it! I know it’s a big no no in the “design” world but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a lower quality paint. Painting is supposed to be a cheap easy fix for any room but have you been to the specialty stores lately? I had to do a double take; I thought I was buying paint, not my weight in gold (go ahead and laugh). Seriously though, it’s ridiculous. In our rent houses, yes, in all seven of them, I used the cheapest paint I could find (Wal-Mart $13.98 a gallon) and it held up just fine. Here’s the trick, find the color you want elsewhere and then match it! So you’ve had your eye on that perfect grey from Benjamin Moore, take the sample somewhere else and have them match it. You will have paid half the price and still have your perfect color. In the end, it’s all the same, paint is paint. If you have to spend your money, spend it on a good primer. It will be a much better investment. Also, its better to underestimate how much you will need. You can always get more but you can't return custom mixed paint.

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