Jun 6, 2013

Country Chic

Layering Whites and Patterns

It seems that this is the trick to any "Chic" room. This may not be a new concept for you and if not, great. I have had some trouble getting it in my head that whites don't have to match perfectly and it is more than okay to include several patterns in one space. I am getting there though!  

What I love:  The use of pattern and cream's in this room. Plus, that bed is to die for
What I don't love: Not a huge fan of the floral print, but in this room it works. 

What I love: Everything!  I don't think I would change anything except maybe the angel, but that is just personal taste. 

What I love:  Is there anything not to love? Pattern, texture and color have been paired in a great way here.  Frames and shutters are probably not something I would have ever used together but I love it!

Ok, so maybe not something for in the home, but in the barn is close enough. This is my "someday" , plus it made me smile and who can't use another smile? 

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