Jun 14, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Cut Your Re-Do Budget #6

Top 10 Ways to Cut Your Re-Do Budget
Tip #6 : DIY Organization

Whatever room you are redecorating, you will need organization, but that can cost a bundle!  Here's the good news, it doesn't have too! There are TONS and TONS of awesome (and easy) DIY organization ideas out there and this is by no means a complete list.  Do a bit a research and you can most likely reuse things you already have.  I have made a set of the boxes you see above from... the accessory boxes and scrap fabric I had around the house.  I made four of them, and it didn't cost me a cent!  Here is the link to the tutorial for them!  http://smallestsparrow.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorial-fabric-covered-boxes-with.html

This is next on my to-do list, it will cost me $3 from the local Dollar Tree!  I think it is beautiful and a very functional little piece! 

Such a good idea and would be very inexpensive.  A shelf this size is about $12 at our Hobby Lobby and I can get remnant paint for around $4. Paint and hang upside down and you have a $16 desk! You can add decorative braces like they did here if you like or you can use this next idea for a file holder. The other great thing about doing a desk like this; it is great for small spaces!

This one is so simple! Three cereal boxes (or any shape box you want) , taped together and then covered with wrapping paper or fabric.  You can do this one free as well. Use the empty cereal boxes and who doesn't have wrapping paper laying around!

Shower hooks for purses, or scarves, or crafts, or... you get the point. You can use this for anything.  I also love the shelves for shoes. It gets them off the floor and you can use cheap bookcases! I know Walmart has bookcases this size for $15 and the local dollar store has shower hooks. You can also check out Goodwill! 

A perfectly simple idea but it gets all this lists, reminders and coupons off the fridge. That automatically makes your kitchen look less cluttered! Walmart has a two pack for around $7. They come with what you need to stick them to the cabinets!

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