Sep 26, 2013

Happy (black and white) Halloween!!

It's a Black and White Halloween!

Halloween has long been about the  kids, the candy and black and orange. I love my kiddo's, adore candy, but I REALLY, REALLY, do not like black and orange together!
It reminds me of high school, "Go Tigers!"   Often I do not decorate specifically for Halloween for this reason. 
I am so excited to see a lot less orange and a lot more white and black this year! This I absolutely love! Black and white are ageless and classy. I would never have thought about using this color combination as SPOOKY but, it really is.  

I must admit, I have gone a little crazy this time around. 

So... All I need to do is.... install a fireplace, paint it white,  and .... you get the point...

In love with this! First, I love black furniture! I would get rid of the cushions but I'm not going to obsess over details! Second, that mural... what a great idea! You can change an entire room without a total redo. 

This is a perfect DIY project! Fast and easy! 

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